You said that the countryside runs got you all fired up, James, but I didn't think you meant it in this way!"
"Pah! It was the stupid trucks' fault, not mine|
— Percy teasing James over his accident

Thomas, Percy and Old Slowcoach is a fifth season remake by Percyengine619.


Thomas and Percy discover an old slow coach in the scrap yard. She looks very dirty, but is in perfect shape so they try to help her. Meanwhile, James runs into trouble when his Tankers|fuel tankers catch fire. The fire fighters soon help him by putting out the fire.

Later that day, there is another fire at the workmen's hut close to where Thomas and Percy were taking on water. Unfortunately, the firemen discover that they ran out of water after putting out James' fire. Thomas suggests that they use the water from his and Percy's tanks. The plan works well and the fire was soon put out, but the workmen's hut is destroyed.

As the foreman worries about sleeping quarters for the men, Percy comes up with the idea of using Old Slow Coach as the workmen's new hut. So, after being cleaned up, she happily enjoys her new life and being Really Useful.



  • Actual fire was used to set the fuel tankers alight